Week 3- A New Level of Understanding


Weeks 1 and 2 of my MKMMA journey, and the lessons learned are now behind me. As an initiation into the Mastermind Alliance Course, they began the process of my rebirth into a vineyard rich in wisdom, success, and all good things. Now, as I approach Week 3, I notice a new level of understanding being birthed. As I read, and assimilate the lessons given in Part Three, I feel a shift within.  I am becoming more “aware”.

In this lesson, we are given scientific proof of how the conscious and subconscious minds interact. We are taught that the conscious mind receives thoughts from its organ, the brain, makes a decision based on our reasoning powers, and if satisfied that the thought is true, immediately opens the door so that our subjective mind, or “subby”, as we Master Minders like to call it, can gain access.

We learned that the conscious mind is…

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Masterkey Week 2

How true is it to really discover our awesome self…..


This week is really flying by! Suddenly “work” got really crazy busy and time in the day has become very limited! I’m glad we’re busy because the bills get paid for another month, but I have other more important things I want to get done, #1.. The Master Keys! I’m am so excited to know that I am doing something to change the life of mine and my family. This is the first time I’ve done anything like this course, and in only week 2 I already feel exillearated on what’s to come! Is it hard to sit everyday? Lately? honestly?, yes! Am I giving up? No way! I am getting organized, finding my rhythm, and challenging myself everyday! The DMP experience is another challenge, that is forcing me to take a good look at myself from the inside, digging deep, and finding out who I thought I was, was…

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Week #3 – Creative nature.

She has an amazing way with words. You need to read this blog. Great insight.


Start thinking about all the creation and DMP building…Of what I usually can hear from people about their “dreams” and “wants”. It’s funny how so many individuals are “stuck” in the material world of all the unnecessary stuff just to look good in public and sort of keep up with the Joneses, and there is nothing “individual” to that really… How everything around us in our modern society is developed and set up to program our minds with the illusion of what we want and why we should have it. All the posters along the street are trying to speak up, all the radio, television, newspapers, stores are trying to hypnotized us and drag us in to a rhythm that makes our souls unheard and spirits ignored by Ourselves!

But stop, look up! Think about what you are telling yourself!? Where are your thoughts when you take a walk on that…

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Week 3 – Solar Plexus/Solar Sun

I’m not sure about the other members, but I find these first few weeks are very demanding and at the same time mentally draining. I didn’t realize personal development could be so draining. I am becoming more aware of my thoughts and how deep seeded some of the beliefs that I have and how they are impacting the decisions I make on a daily basis. So it seems that the gatekeeper of conscious thought of what’s true is the Solar Plexus. If it makes it through the filter of the solar plexus then it must me true based upon my prior thoughts. Wow, to know that positive thoughts and actions expand the solar plexus and let the sun shine. And the way in which we can expand the intensity of this sunshine is to have non-resistant thought or pleasant thoughts.
Therefore it is my intention to continue to change and challenge my thoughts to be non-resistant and flowing in harmony.

So it is today that I allow the solar plexus to radiantly shine……

Week 3 – Who are we anyway??

Great insight to the work it takes.


Namaste! namaste

The time goes by and I start to realize how different I see at things, of course, it’s not a 3 weeks process, it’s now a couple of years process that is now progressing due to me excluding the habit of procrastination and by being concerned about doing my excercises every single day, wholeheartedly and with faith. I now not only understand and acknowledge that every soul out there is connected to everything, to the Universe and is creative, is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient, but I also starting to apply those principles and the way of thinking in order to create even better reality I choose to live in and learn from.

Yesterday I was sitting in my session with a channeler, and when she dropped: “You have no idea yet, how much and what you already have created. You will meet all of it later.” And I just got…

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Lesson #2 MKMMA

Great post. You need to read this.


The second lesson of MKMMA was just great and I found out that I didn’t know my potentials lying down in the space of Universe of my subconscious mind. Taking this course allow me to know more about myself and helping me change my old blueprint which doesn’t work for me very well. Can it work against me?

The knowledge learned from the first lesson and the second gave me the sense of feeling and understanding of potential areas of my improvement.

My universal house was built on the sand with no foundation while I thought it was on the solid rock. Such an unknown circumstances put me in danger of swiping my house by the first bigger wave and take into the Ocean.                                                    …

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