Week 7 – And You’ve Seen The Golden Buddha?

This week is starting to make a lot more sense but I tell you I sometimes have to ask myself who’s on first.  Am I supposed to be looking for shapes with colors? Yep!  in addition to looking at them everyday posted all around my house.

I liken this experience to that of a service member; they break you down so they can then build you back up.  In my Title I said “And you’ve seen the Golden Buddha”?  I hear and read of all these breakthroughs and I’m like okay, I’m getting this, doing the work but don’t see too many cracks in the cement as of yet.  An awareness is that it’s my own journey.  I heard it took Mark J. quite awhile to realize his breakthrough.  I may be on course to meet or exceed that.

I really like and connect with the Master Key reading this week on visualization.  It’s funny how clear we think we have our picture and as soon as we are set to concentrate on it the mind is great for about 3-4 minutes and then it’s all over the place.  Let’s see, who can I talk to about my business today.  Oh, I need to do this today.  Oh wait, that’s right I was having a mental visualization conversation with my good friend.  Back and forth, back and forth.  I find it’s easier to sit and quiet the mind than to actually think about something.  Awareness #2.  Maybe I’m not as clear and focused on my goal as I think.  I need to see every single detail to put it into reality.

So i continue to chip away at the cement.


2 thoughts on “Week 7 – And You’ve Seen The Golden Buddha?

  1. You are not alone.
    When I heard and read people seeing shapes and colors everywhere, I was like ‘erm. .. am I normal? I really don’t see them’. Then in a next webinar we learned that people have their own methode of learning…hooray, Nothing wrong with me.
    We all take this journey at our own pace. We all do, or should do, our readings and sits, our individual awareness and experiences will always vary. . Whatever yours are, it’s great the way they are.
    We have lead a life comparing ourselves with others….now it is time to compared ourselves today with who we were before….not with anyone else.
    Cement is temporary as you are in this mkmma, the gold underneath it is indefinite. Enjoy your journey!


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