Week 5 – Building Blocks

Week 5 has been interesting and a challenge at best.  I’m starting to see how the blocks are starting to fit together with regards to the things we are ready and the task/service cards we are committed to completing.  I’m finding it comes down to my word, and keeping my word.  This weeks exercise from the mastermind was a challenge in that my mind seemed to roam more this week than in most weeks past.  Trying to find that happy place from the past wasn’t the issue but I brought everything into focus my mind went wild.  Trying to reel it back in and focus it was a bit of a challenge.  I’m finding that writing down those items on my chore card need to be more realistic and if it’s something that can’t be completed in that week then I’m finding that I won’t be putting that on my card any further.  It’s okay to only impress myself by completing the items I put on the card.  Then today, reading scroll II was crazy in that every person I look at I should say (in my mind of course) I love you.  Ok, for a guy to look at another guy and say I love you in my mind kind of freaks me out.  But I’m beginning to understand there are only 2 possibilities; Love and Fear.   I think it’s starting to make sense.  So I’m walking through Home Depot today and a guy ( I think he worked there) is walking towards me, we make eye contact for like nano seconds and I smile and mentally say I love you which of course is tripping me out and the dude smiles and I’m thinking oh crap did I say that out loud.  I didn’t but still it was weird.  What I also found is that I find myself not thinking about saying I love you until the person has already passed me by.  But I’m finding that as I do, the people respond much more positively even though we never exchanged words.  Hmmm, interesting.  There may be something to this.

I will tell you, It’s still a lot of effort but I am starting to find my groove in terms of what times work best for me to complete all the activities.

As a side note, I may have to read the essay again. Man, that was some heavy reading.  It’s like each sentence could be pondered for some time.


10 thoughts on “Week 5 – Building Blocks

  1. Hahaha, funny thought:-) About feeling love for another man.
    I don’t know if this can help you in some way, but if you think of love for different things/people, for example Love for you children (if you have any?) could be a boy child, but you still love him, right? Love for your brother if you have one, but it is still a male figure….Love for you father or your cousin, if you have one….both are male:-)
    Maybe love for a best friend, that is male:-) Or love for a pet, love for special food, special place, colour, music, weather…..Love for your spous, family, or just simply a book, home, car, clothers? Love can be for everything:-)
    So don’t freak out when you say “I love you” to a guy or a girl you don’t know:-) It is Love in another way, it is all of us, we are Love!:-)
    Enjoyed your blog!!
    Love to you!

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  2. I thought that your blog was funny about loving a man. Love doesn’t need to be sexual love but more like being friends or comrades. Don’t soldiers in combat have a sense of brotherhood to work as a team? I hope this helps you.



    • Hi Marianne,
      It’s funny in that I can tell my brothers, and my Dad that I love each of them but telling a total stranger, especially as I am walking past them that I Love them is a bit awkward. I totally get it and see the amazing power in it from a spiritual aspect. Learning lots in this course.

      Thank you for the comments,


  3. To read your blog post about your recsistance to say “I love you” to a man, made ​​me laugh. We all have our special things to overcome. I had the same thoughts as Maria W so I have nothing more to add. Thank you for sharing.


  4. Mark, totally agree with you on the essay! And I’m still working on not expressing opinions. Actually that leaves more space for sending love! Yes, there is a method to this madness! Also, I love your header photo!


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