Week 8 – Squelch The Comparisons

This week, as an extension of the latter part of week 7 has been the most challenging with keeping things going. Maybe the growth is coming in the fact that I am aware of the situation and gaining the tools to do something positive about it. No negative thoughts (Mental Diet. I never thought of myself as a negative person but Damn…….)
So I’m reading all the Blog posts and thinking man these people are making incredible progress. I must really be messed up because I’m just not feeling it as deeply as one wou,d expect. Or quite frankly that I would expect after 7 diligent weeks of doing the exercises. So what happens, I kind of slack off in the latter part of week 7 because my old blueprint starts appearing again. Low and behold I now know that I’m capable of overcoming this pattern of behavior. So there’s a plus/positive. What was happening is that I was comparing myself to all those people posting wonderful results. As I started to think about this I realized, I don’t know the whole story. Maybe this is their 2nd attempt at the MKMMA and it’s finally clicking and maybe, just maybe they were having similar feelings and results as mine. It makes me think about my business and hearing stories that this person reached the top of the company in the shortest period of time. What we don’t hear is this is there 15th company and they were very successful in there last one. We never hear that. Or the person that says I had to pay my rent and I made 20 calls and 12 of those signed up. We never hear that this person has been in the industry for 27 years.
So I guess what I’m trying to say is this is my own journey on my time with my own personal results and I don’t have to compare myself to anyone based on their success or breakthroughs. Love the progress and incredible strides people are making
I just read this and it sounds like there’s a bit of angst. Hmm, maybe I’m just going to let it roll and post it. Maybe it’s something I had to let go of.

Recommitted to the process.


Week 5 – Reflections


This week has been a little more challenging, yet the most interesting. Opinions. Yes, this week was a real reality check to me. There is psychology in everything we do.  Meaning, how we behave and act. Good or bad.  Good and bad habits. I am more of an observer and a good listener. I have found it works best to first stop and think. After taking time to pause, then respond in the form of a question. For example, “what did you think of the game the other night?” I am first so inclined to comment, but I pause and say, “well what did you think of the game?” I’ve noticed people won’t respond back with another question. Rather, they will just comment on their opinion. I’ve noticed when giving an opinion it seems it is about “me”, “me”, and “me.” When we listen more, we’re more focused on what…

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Week 7 – And You’ve Seen The Golden Buddha?

This week is starting to make a lot more sense but I tell you I sometimes have to ask myself who’s on first.  Am I supposed to be looking for shapes with colors? Yep!  in addition to looking at them everyday posted all around my house.

I liken this experience to that of a service member; they break you down so they can then build you back up.  In my Title I said “And you’ve seen the Golden Buddha”?  I hear and read of all these breakthroughs and I’m like okay, I’m getting this, doing the work but don’t see too many cracks in the cement as of yet.  An awareness is that it’s my own journey.  I heard it took Mark J. quite awhile to realize his breakthrough.  I may be on course to meet or exceed that.

I really like and connect with the Master Key reading this week on visualization.  It’s funny how clear we think we have our picture and as soon as we are set to concentrate on it the mind is great for about 3-4 minutes and then it’s all over the place.  Let’s see, who can I talk to about my business today.  Oh, I need to do this today.  Oh wait, that’s right I was having a mental visualization conversation with my good friend.  Back and forth, back and forth.  I find it’s easier to sit and quiet the mind than to actually think about something.  Awareness #2.  Maybe I’m not as clear and focused on my goal as I think.  I need to see every single detail to put it into reality.

So i continue to chip away at the cement.

Blog Week #7 Mary Soares

The mental diet. Not what you’d think.


My blog #4 was regarding opinions, saying that the world was full of opinions.  Now we have the mental Diet and staying away from negative thoughts.  Talk about a challenge.

Now, here is my opinion (Oh no not that word) the world is made up of opinions and negative thinking.  Why?  That is what sells.  The Media would go broke if they tried to only sell positive news.  Bad news sells. Even the commercials if you really listen to them can be negative.  We basically live in a negative society.

I think I have always realized this to a degree however with the MKMMA journey it has really become clear. We must guard our minds and watch who we surround ourselves with. I have some very negative friends that I now need to distance myself from.

Taking the first step to change was to apply for the MKMMA Journey, writing…

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Week 5 – Building Blocks

Week 5 has been interesting and a challenge at best.  I’m starting to see how the blocks are starting to fit together with regards to the things we are ready and the task/service cards we are committed to completing.  I’m finding it comes down to my word, and keeping my word.  This weeks exercise from the mastermind was a challenge in that my mind seemed to roam more this week than in most weeks past.  Trying to find that happy place from the past wasn’t the issue but I brought everything into focus my mind went wild.  Trying to reel it back in and focus it was a bit of a challenge.  I’m finding that writing down those items on my chore card need to be more realistic and if it’s something that can’t be completed in that week then I’m finding that I won’t be putting that on my card any further.  It’s okay to only impress myself by completing the items I put on the card.  Then today, reading scroll II was crazy in that every person I look at I should say (in my mind of course) I love you.  Ok, for a guy to look at another guy and say I love you in my mind kind of freaks me out.  But I’m beginning to understand there are only 2 possibilities; Love and Fear.   I think it’s starting to make sense.  So I’m walking through Home Depot today and a guy ( I think he worked there) is walking towards me, we make eye contact for like nano seconds and I smile and mentally say I love you which of course is tripping me out and the dude smiles and I’m thinking oh crap did I say that out loud.  I didn’t but still it was weird.  What I also found is that I find myself not thinking about saying I love you until the person has already passed me by.  But I’m finding that as I do, the people respond much more positively even though we never exchanged words.  Hmmm, interesting.  There may be something to this.

I will tell you, It’s still a lot of effort but I am starting to find my groove in terms of what times work best for me to complete all the activities.

As a side note, I may have to read the essay again. Man, that was some heavy reading.  It’s like each sentence could be pondered for some time.

Week 3, me and the old blueprint

Marvelous Mariska's MKMMA

Week 3 started with a webinar that had some epiphany moments for me. It helped me finalize the second draft of my DMP afterwards and send it to my guide.

The epiphany moments were such eye openers that I had a phone call with my best friend, who is taking the MKMMA as well.
An example: on a regular basis I was making statements like ‘when the money comes in, we will go take that vacation’…suddenly realizing it is similar to what was mentioned in the webinar, when the DMP’s was on topic. If I don’t state WHEN I will take that vacation, my subby, the Universal Mind will not have a clue what is expected to manifest and by when.

What is really amazing is, that last week out of the blue there was the urgency of finding another place to live. My FAITH that would just be arranged…

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Week 4 – What We Say When We Talk To Ourselves

It all comes down to the thoughts we think.  To change the thoughts, as we are experiencing through reading our DMP and our chore/service cards is to do it with emotion.  Doing this repeatedly is what causes these changes to start to take place.  In some cases very quickly. “I can be what I will to be”.  How appropriate is that.  I’m finding that it’s not so easy to just read the material, it actually takes a lot of work/energy to process all the little nuances of what’s being said. I don’t know about everyone else but it makes my brain hurt.  In a good way.  I must have a lot of brain plaque/cement that needs removed.  I’m noticing that even during conversations I will say a word and notice that it has a less than positive effect even though I’m sure the person on the receiving end didn’t even notice or think anything about it.  Awareness is starting to kick in.  Just like it is with recognizing shapes and colors as I’m out and about.  At first it was a challenge to remember to do that but then I told myself I’m looking for opportunities when i see shapes and colors.  Now, just one week later it’s becoming much much easier.

I find that the amount of work that goes into this is immense.  I’ve yet to master the system whereby I can get everything in without my day starting at Noon.  Thank goodness I work for myself but Geez, I gotta take care of business too.  I’m hoping in the coming weeks I will start to master the process of all the things required.

I am amazed at the power of the single  phrase “I AM”.  Just saying that with whatever positive thought comes to mind just somehow empowers me.  Tried it at the gym, tried it when some negative thoughts about a situation crept in and after saying it a couple times the thoughts or feelings vanish.

I don’t think I am having the incredible breakthroughs that others are having but I intend to keep doing the work or chipping away at the cement.